Modern American Spiritualism Course

This program is comprised of 30 on-demand, online lessons, allowing you the freedom to work at your own pace.  Students have up to 5 years to complete the course they select.

Each lesson consists of study material, a bibliography, required and recommended reading, and a set of questions for the student to answer. Written answers are reviewed and graded by an assigned credentialed examiner.

Ministerial ​Skills Course

The Ministerial Skills course is a two week course to introduce students to the techniques of ministerial care and information on the types of Spiritualist religious services, and includes guided practice. The course is a prerequisite for Licentiate Ministers and those wanting to transfer their ordination from non- NSAC churches. Additional information is available by contacting MPI.

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Modern American Spiritualism Course

Credential Requirements

Those seeking credentials with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC), for Ordained Minister, Licentiate Minister, Commissioned Spiritualist Healer, Certified Medium, and National Spiritualist Teacher, must successfully pass the related lessons.

Credential(s) Requirements Pricing
Licentiate Minister
Ordained Minister
National Spiritualist Teacher
Commissioned Spiritualist Healer
Certified Medium
full course $850 paid in full or
$900 on monthly installments
($100 down then $60/month)
Commissioned Spiritualist Healer Lessons 1 through 9 inclusive, 21 through 24 inclusive, and 28, 29 $450 paid in full or
$500 on monthly installments
($100 down then $50/month)
Certified Medium Lessons 1 through 20 inclusive and 28, 29 $625 paid in full or
$675 on monthly installments
($100 down then $50/month)

Course Materials

All lessons are copyrighted by the Morris Pratt Institute and no portion may be reproduced, copied or sold without the expressed written permission of the MPI. Additional information is available by contacting MPI.

Course Curriculum

Unit 1: The History of Spiritualism

Lesson 1: Psychic Events Prior to Modern Spiritualism
Generalities of Spiritualism
Miscellaneous Considerations
Forerunners of Modern American Spiritualism

Lesson 2: The Advent of Modern Spiritualism
Hydesville Background
The Fox Family
After Hydesville
The Fox Sisters
The Peddler and the Cottage
Spiritualism’s Progression

Lesson 3: Spiritualism As An Organized Religion
History of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches
Principles and Definitions of the Association
Specific Growth of the Association
Certification from the Association

Unit 2: The Religion of Spiritualism

Lesson 4: Spiritualism as a Philosophy – Part I
Philosophy Defined
Spiritual Natural Laws
The Spiritualistic Philosophy
The God Idea
Creation and the Philosophy of Spiritualism

Lesson 5: Spiritualism as a Philosophy, Part II
Attitudes Toward Death and Dying
Death, Dying and the Spiritualist Philosophy
The Reality of Life, Death and Dying

Lesson 6: Spiritualism as a Philosophy, Part III
Various Interpretations of Life After Death
What We Know About Life After Death
Considerations on Life After Death
Descriptions of the Spirit World

Lesson 7: Spiritualism’s Teachings and Views, Part I
The Positive Aspects of Modern Spiritualism
Spiritualism’s Views
Spiritualism and Christian Theology

Lesson 8: Spiritualism’s Teachings and Views, Part II
Physical and Spiritual Nature of the Individual
The Individual’s Duty
Life and Its Purpose

Unit 3: The Science of Spiritualism

Lesson 9: Spiritualism As Science
General Considerations
Relationship Between Science and Spiritualism
Early Scientists Who Studied Spiritualism
Early Scientific Research Organizations
Position of Science to Spiritualism – Spiritualism to Science

Lesson 10: Classification of Phenomena
Davis’ Classification of Mediumship
Crookes’ Classification of Mediumship
Sprague’s Classification of Mediumship
Classification According to Parapsychology

Lesson 11: A Study of the Phenomena – Part I

Lesson 12: A Study of the Phenomena – Part II

Lesson 13: A Study of the Phenomena – Part III
Inspirational and Inspired
Inspirational Speaking and Writing
Independent – Automatic Writing

Lesson 14: A Study of the Phenomena – Part IV
Spirit Photography

Lesson 15: A Study of the Phenomena – Part V
Materialization & Dematerialization
Teleportation & Apportation
The Status of Phenomena today

Lesson 16: A Study of the Phenomena – Part VI
The History of the Human Aura
Kilner, Kirlian and the Aura
Science/Parapsychology & the Aura
Spiritualism and the Aura

Lesson 17: A Study of the Phenomena – Part VII
Out-of-the Body Experiences (OOBE)
Independent Voice (Direct Voice)

Lesson 18: Practice & Application of Phenomena -Part I
Awareness and Self-Realization
General Introduction to Meditation
The Practice of Meditation
The Application of Meditation

Lesson 19: Practice & Application of Phenomena – Part II
The Practice of Mediumship
Unfoldment of Mediumship

Lesson 20: Practice & Application of Phenomena – Part III
Mediumship and the Medium
Ethics, Education and the Medium
Mediumship and the Sitter
Benefits of Mediumship
Unsatisfactory Results of Mediumship

Unit 4: A Study of Healing

Lesson 21: A History of Healing
Healing in Prehistory
Healing During Ancient History
Healing During the Middle Period
Healers of Modern Times

Lesson 22: The Theory of Healing
Healing Classifications
Spiritual Healing and the Spiritualist
Spiritual Healing and the Scientist

Lesson 23: Avenues of Healing
Contact Spiritual Healing
Absent Spiritual Healing
Psychic Surgery
Healing Without Spirit Intervention
The Healing Intelligence

Lesson 24: The Practice of Healing
General Considerations
The Practice of Healing
The Healing Experience
Activities for the Spiritual Healer
Steps for Certification

Unit 5: Comparative Religion

Lesson 25: Comparative Religion – Part I
The Beginning and Development of Religion
Religions of Some Ancient Cultures

Lesson 26: Comparative Religion – Part II
The Beliefs of China

Lesson 27: Comparative Religion – Part III
The World of Islam

Unit 6: Representing Spiritualism

Lesson 28: Church Organization
The Parent Body
Stow Memorial Foundation
Spiritualist Benevolent Society
Incorporation of Auxiliaries
Organizing New Societies
Suggested Church Bylaws

Lesson 29: Serving Spiritualism
Serving the Platform
Platform Decorum
The Sermon Process
The Pastor
Special Observances
Suggested Platform Decorum

Lesson 30: Your Role in Spiritualism
The Importance of Image
Our Image – Our Future
A Brighter Future for Spiritualism – How?
Lesson Worksheets