We Welcome applicants for our course on spiritualism

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Student Policy Statement

  1. 1. The Morris Pratt Institute (MPI) is an educational institution and as such, grants only Certificates of Completion. It is the student’s responsibility to know if MPI courses are approved by their religious association or church to- ward the granting of certification or ordination.
  2. A detailed outline of the Modern Spiritualism Course is available and should be studied carefully by the prospective student. Questions should be directed to your assigned examiner.
  3. Students of this Course are expected to complete the work within five years from the date of enrollment, unless granted an extension by MPI. Requests for extensions must be received in writing.
  4. A Certificate of Completion will be issued by MPI when all fees have been paid and after satisfactory completion of each of the following: 22 lessons pertaining to mediumship, 15 lessons pertaining to healing, 30 lessons complete course on Modern Spiritualism. Satisfactory completion is defined as a grade of 75 or higher for each lesson completed. Unsatisfactory answers, at the discretion of the examiner, may be returned to the student for further work.
  5. Students of MPI, applying for Mediumship and/or Healer courses, may continue with the other lessons to complete the full course at an additional cost.
  6. No transfers of fees to another student will be permitted.
  7. MPI reserves the right to withhold sending further lesson material in the event the student’s financial account is not current. MPI reserves the further right to cancel a student’s enrollment in full if the account is in default for a period of 90 days or more. Such cancellation shall become final upon written notification by email unless none is provided.
  8. MPI will charge a $40 fee for any returned check.
  9. MPI admits students of any race, color, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national or ethnic origin.